Hagen Rudolph

Carlos Santana und Band

Heel Verlag - Königswinter 2008 - 246 pages
Euro 19,95 (D) - ISBN 3-89880-9306

English page for Santana fans worldwide

Raul Rekow (Congas)

The book - 40 chapters on 40 albums and more. Each chapter starts with the album cover and a list of all songs and musicians in English. Also, the book contains a section of 8 pages with unpublished color photos. The main text is in German.

Order the book - Send a mail and I give you the details. If you want your copy signed, just tell me.

All Santana songs - Here they are, more than 500 songs in alphabetical order. See on which albums you'll find your favourite songs.

Album covers - Enjoy them.

Concert photos - From the Eighties.

Publication Rights - If you are a publisher and interested in the rights for a translation of this book, contact me and I will pass your request to my publisher.